Termini & Condizioni

Airshuttle.it is a booking service operated by S.I.XM.A. s.r.l, whose registered office is in Lecce (Italy) in Via F. Petrarca n° 2 , VAT n°03967460753 , and is enrolled in the Register of the Business Enterprises in Lecce at n° REA 250760 and is regulated by current law in Italy.

Through its website Airshuttle.it Gialan offers transportation services by minibuses seating up to 8 passengers. We operate a Shuttle door-to-door service which the customer must book in advance online through our call centre in order to buy one or more seats (according to needs and availability) on a particular shuttle bus among those in service according to the time of arrival or departure of their flight. The service is not exclusive, so the transfer could be shared with other passengers. The customer must be aware of the fact that the shuttle bus can change route or stop to allow other passengers to board or alight. Depending on the more logical route the driver will establish the order of the stops and possible detours to pick up or let off passengers. The passenger pick-up times which appear on the website are a rough guide and Air Shuttle personnel will confirm the exact times either with a text message or a phone call the evening before the date booked. In order to guarantee the punctuality of the service, and avoid mistakes or misunderstandings, the customer should ensure they can be easily contacted by cell phone.


  1. When two or more people are included in the same online booking, or if the online booking is made for a third party, the person making the booking (Customer) will be recognised as an agent for the other members of the group (Passengers) so accepts in their stead the conditions of service laid out by AirShuttle.it. It is necessary to point out that these conditions are intended as accepted even if the booking takes place by phone or fax.
  2. At the moment of the online booking the customer declares to be of age and guarantees that the data declared are authentic, correct and complete, and that the credit or switch card used is their own, and has enough funds to cover the cost of the service. Air Shuttle will not be held responsible for mistakes in the booking and will not refund if the service falls short because of these mistakes or misunderstandings. If these mistakes mean that Air Shuttle or other potential providers have to supply a different service from the one booked, and if this should involve them in additional costs, then the Customer will have to pay the difference directly to the driver, as is communicated directly to them by the Air Shuttle Office before the service takes place.
  3. Payment for the service is required at the moment of booking. Any booking carried out by the customer is seen as a “booking request” which will be e-mailed to Air Shuttle with a copy to the customer himself, so that the exact amount of the cost of the service requested can be charged to his credit card. If Air Shuttle is able to provide the required service, the customer will be e-mailed confirmation of the booking (Transport Voucher) and the cost of the service will be charged to the credit card proffered by the customer when the booking was requested. Dispatch of the e-mail is considered proof of its receipt by the customer.
    If, for any reason, Air Shuttle is not able to provide the service, it will send an e-mail to the customer cancelling the “Booking Request”. In this case there will be no charge to the customer's credit card.
    Confirmation of booking (Transport Voucher) is to all intents and purposes the ticket for the journey. This must be printed and shown to the AirShuttle.it driver before each transfer. The “Booking Request”, on the other hand, is not valid as a ticket.
  4. It is the customer's responsiblity to check that all the data on the Ticket are those requested at the time of booking. Any abnormalities must be notified by e-mail to the address biglietteria@crusiviaggi.it or communicated by phone to the call centre, before the service is carried out.
  5. It is the customer's responsiblity to supply a valid mobile phone number of at least one of the passengers, including the international prefix, where necessary, for any eventuality since the departure time from the pick up points may change because of bad weather,heavy traffic or any other reason which could hinder the usual regular progress of the service. If the passenger has no mobile phone, the home phone number, or that of the tourist facility where he is staying must be supplied. Air Shuttle will notify any change in pick up times by phone or text message from 24 to 36 hours before the transfer time. It is, therefore, the customer's responsibility to check if there are messages on their cell phone from Air Shuttle. Bookings cannot be accepted in absence of a phone contact number. For pick ups at airports it is necessary to point out that our drivers are authorised to wait for passengers for a maximum of 60 (sixty) minutes from the estimated time of arrival. In order to avoid losing the transfer service the Customer and/or Passenger must have with them the designated driver's phone number so that, if there is a change in times or delay in boarding the plane, they can contact him with a new estimated time of arrival. If the Customer and/or Passenger does not inform Air Shuttle, or the designated driver, of any change in times, delay in boarding the plane or any other reasons which would mean losing the transfer, no refund will be made to the Customer and/or Passenger.
  6. Only if Air Shuttle cancels the service will payments be refunded.
  7. The Customer's legal rights can, under no circumstances, be denied or diminished.
  8. These General Conditions are regulated by the provisions of the Italian Civil Code . The Bar of Lecce is the competent authority for any type of controversy between the Customer and Air Shuttle.


•  Each passenger may carry one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. Each extra piece of luggage must be declared when booking. Air Shuttle reserves the right to request an additional charge for luggage in eccess if this means having to use a vehicle larger than the one normally in use for that number of passengers.

•  The passenger must fill in the appropriate spaces of the booking form for articles which could envisage an additional charge, for example a golf bag or a bicycle. Air Shuttle can deny transportation of objects not declared at the time of booking.

•  All luggage must have labels with the names of their owners and destination. Luggage is transported under the direct responsibility of the customer, who will have no right to refund for loss or damage. Luggage left on the vehicle which carried out the transfer service will be delivered, at the Customer's expense, to the address supplied by him.

•  Even if Air Shuttle is under no obligation to do so, they will make every effort to satisfy particular requests indicated on the booking form in the appropriate space by their Customers.


•  Air Shuttle is not required to check delays in the arrival of planes, ships, trains or other means of transport used by the Customer. It is the Customer's responsibility to promptly communicate any possible delays to Air Shuttle's offices or directly to the designated driver.

•  If the Customer has booked a transfer from the airport and the flight is late, the Air Shuttle driver will wait 60 (sixty) minutes after the scheduled time of arrival. For any delays after this, subject to communication by the customer and agreement, there will be an excess charge of 20 euros for every hour or part of an hour delay, to be paid directly to the driver before the transport can be carried out. If the Customer fails to communicate a delay superior to 60 minutes or should not accept the additional charge, the driver will leave and the Customer will lose the transfer and the right to a refund.

•  The transport service offered by Air Shuttle is not exclusive . Bearing this in mind, in some circumstances and for specific needs, when a pick up is at the airport the Customers and/or Passengers may have to wait up to maximum 45 minutes to allow the pick up of other Customers and/or Passengers arriving on later flights within a limited time which would be insufficient for another return journey. On these occasions, Customers and/or Passengers will be informed of the necessity to wait when they book or when the booking is confirmed. If they should not accept the delayed departure of the shuttle bus, they can ask that their booking be cancelled and they will be refunded of any advance payments.

•  If the Customer has booked a door-to-door transfer service or a shuttle bus at fixed times and there is a delay or the flight, ship or train is cancelled, the Customer will be transported on the first available door-to-door shuttle bus. If there should not be any other services of the same type available, the customer will be offered a private transfer, if possible, at the rates applicable for this kind of service, deducting the cost of the service booked. If the Customer should not accept the alternative service offered, then the Customer will lose the transfer and the right to a refund.

•  Air Shuttle will try in every way to make sure their vehicles arrive at destination on time, but point out that they cannot be held responsible for any consequences for the Customer if the service is not punctual, if this delay does not depend on the driver's will and/or is due to circumstances beyond his control (heavy traffic, bad weather, sudden and unannounced road blocks, accidents, police controls, respect of temporary measures imposed by the authorities for the safety of those on the road etc.) There is the possibility, however, that the Customer may obtain, on the basis of a motivated and documented request, the refund of the cost of transfer paid in advance, but only if failure to carry out the service, or its interruption before arrival at destination, is not due to circumstances beyond our control such as those above, and that the Customer decides to opt out of the service as in the cases in the following article 6a.


•  Smoking is not allowed on Air Shuttle vehicles or on any providing services for them.

•  Air Shuttle drivers, or any providing services for them, can refuse to transport anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour seems threatening for the driver, the vehicle and the other passengers.

•  Alcohol or drugs may not be brought on board Air Shuttle vehicles for consumption.

•  All Air Shuttle vehicles and those providing services for them are insured for third party liability as per the current regulations.

•  All of the transfers carried out by Air Shuttle are door to door. It could be, however, difficult for the Air Shuttle vehicle to reach the Customer and /or Passenger's dwelling place due to limitations on traffic, conditions of the surroundings or of the street or other reasons. In this case it is the Customer's reponsibility to contact Air Shuttle to point out potential difficulties with the roads or limitations in traffic so as to agree on a place and time for the alternative pick up. If the Customer fails to communicate this kind of difficulty and, as a consequence, misses the transport service, the Customer and/or Passenger will not be refunded by Air Shuttle.


•  Cancellation of bookings can only be carried out by e-mail to   biglietteria@crusiviaggi.it and Air Shuttle offices will confirm in the same way. If the customer does not receive an e-mail of confirmation of the cancellation it is his reponsibility to phone the Air Shuttle offices. Cancellations of bookings must be carried out at least seven days before the transfer date. In this case no penalty will be applied and Air Shuttle will refund the cost of the booked transfer and extras paid net any costs such as credit cards or other means of payment employed for the refund. If the cancellation is made within seven days of the transfer there is no refund due.

Air Shuttle reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time if they are unable to guarantee the totality of the service and will refund the costs of that service.

•  Any changes to the booking must be communicated by e-mail to biglietteria@crusiviaggi.it at least twenty-four hours before the service booked. If the customer does not receive confirmation of the changes by e-mail it is his responsibility to contact Air Shuttle offices by phone. Air Shuttle reserves the right to not accept changes to the booking.

•  Complaints and requests for refunds must be presented by e-mail to biglietteria@crusiviaggi.it within thirty days of the service.